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Cars with Apple CarPlay

Author: Andrew Ross

Apple CarPlay: Revolutionizing Car Infotainment Systems

Apple CarPlay is a popular feature that allows drivers to seamlessly connect their Apple iPhone to the car's infotainment system. While initially limited to a select number of luxury vehicles, CarPlay is now available in a wide range of car models across various price ranges. Many automakers have recognized the growing demand for this technology and have integrated it into their latest vehicle models.

Toyota offers Apple CarPlay in all models

An interesting fact about the availability of Apple CarPlay in cars is that it was first introduced in 2014 by Ferrari, which became the first automaker to offer the technology as a built-in feature in their vehicles. Since then, numerous automakers have followed suit, making Apple CarPlay widely available across various car brands and models.

One notable car brand that offers Apple CarPlay across its lineup is Toyota. From the affordable Toyota Corolla to its larger vehicles like the Highlander and the Camry, Apple CarPlay is available in most of their newest models. Toyota's integration of CarPlay allows drivers to access their iPhone's features such as maps, calls, messages, and music directly through the car's touchscreen or voice commands.

Honda introduces Apple CarPlay in models

Another carmaker that embraces Apple CarPlay is Honda. Honda offers CarPlay in many of its recent models, including popular ones like the Civic, Accord, and CR-V. The integration of CarPlay in Honda vehicles enables drivers to use Siri voice control, safely navigate using Apple Maps, make and receive calls, and listen to their favorite Apple Music playlists while on the go.

Volkswagen Embraces Apple CarPlay Integration

Fun fact: Did you know that Apple CarPlay, the popular smartphone integration system for cars, is available in over 500 different car models? From luxury vehicles like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi, to mainstream brands like Honda, Toyota, and Ford, you can find Apple CarPlay in a wide range of cars. So, regardless of your budget or preferences, chances are there's a car out there with Apple CarPlay to keep you connected on the go!

German automaker Volkswagen has also incorporated Apple CarPlay across several of its models. Whether you opt for a compact car like the Golf or Jetta, or a more premium vehicle like the Tiguan or Touareg, you can enjoy the convenience of CarPlay in many Volkswagen models. With CarPlay, Volkswagen owners can have easy access to their phone's functions without the need for physically handling the device.

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