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New Car Models: What to Expect and When

Author: Andrew Ross

Automakers initiate annual model year changeover

New car models are typically released each year by automakers, with the timing and frequency varying by manufacturer. The most common period to release new car models is in the fall, typically between September and November. This is often referred to as the 'model year changeover.' During this time, dealerships will start receiving and showcasing the next year's models, while also offering discounts and promotions on the current year's vehicles to clear inventory.

Fall: Carmakers Capitalize on Consumer Demand

An interesting fact about when new car models come out is that automakers typically release them in the fall, specifically between the months of September and November. This timing aligns with the end of the previous model year, allowing for clearance sales, and also provides enough lead time for marketing campaigns and auto show appearances. Additionally, the fall release allows consumers to take advantage of end-of-year sales and promotions before the holiday season.

The reason for this specific timing is to align with consumer behavior and preferences. Many potential car buyers wait for the latest models to be released before making a purchase, as they may want the newest features, designs, or technologies. By releasing new models in the fall, automakers aim to capture these customers at a time when they are more likely to be in the market for a new vehicle.

Automakers Vary Release Timing for New Cars

The exact timing of new car releases can vary among automakers and even between different models within a brand. Some manufacturers may opt for an earlier release, as early as spring or summer, while others may push it back to winter. Additionally, certain high-demand vehicles or flagship models may have their own unique release schedules, which can differ from the general model year changeover.

New car models: Not always redesigned

Fun fact: Did you know that car manufacturers typically release their new models in the fall? This tradition dates back to the early 20th century when automobile companies would release their latest designs to coincide with the change in seasons. The reasoning behind this was that customers often got excited about purchasing a new car as they prepared for the upcoming year, and the fall release allowed manufacturers to capitalize on this enthusiasm. Hence, the saying 'out with the old, in with the new' takes on a whole new meaning in the world of car releases!

It's important to note that although new car models are typically released annually, this doesn't mean that every car undergoes a major redesign each year. In many cases, new models might feature only minor updates or enhancements compared to their predecessors. However, every few years, automakers may introduce completely redesigned models with significant changes in design, technology, or performance, generating more buzz and excitement among potential buyers.

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